Job Listing Script in Django

Job Listing Script in Django: This is job listing script in django and bootstrap. In this script, job consultant company can add jobs in the admin area. Job seeker can apply to the job from frontend panel in this script.

News Website Script in Django

News Website Script in Django: Hello World, Welcome to this website. This is news website script in django 3. Django is web framework written in python.In this script, i am using Django version 3.0. You can download this python web script for your news website. Following features are available in this script.

Car Sale Script in Django

Car Sale Script in Django: This is a car dealer app script with Django 2. This application is built with bootstrap 4 and python's Django 2. This is a very easy and simple application.

Progress Report Script in Django2

Progress Report Script in Django2: Hello World, This is a student progress report script in Django 2. In this script, the teacher can add points according to the specific category. This script is built with Django 2 and bootstrap 4. There are two panels in this script, one is for admin and another for the teacher. The following are the full features of these panels.

Hotel Room Booking Script in Django

Hotel Room Booking Script in Django: This is a Hotel Room Booking Script in Django. This is a very simple script built with python's web framework Django and CSS's framework bootstrap 4. In this script, you can search for rooms according to room type like deluxe, superdeluxe, etc.

News Website with laravel 5 and reactjs

News Website with laravel 5 and reactjs: This is a news website in laravel 5 and reactjs. This is single-page website built with reactjs (javascript library). In this website, I have created api with laravel and generate demo data in database with the help of laravel tinker