Employee Management System With Laravel 7 and Bootstrap 4

Hello World, Welcome to This is an employee management system built with laravel 7 and bootstrap 4. If you are learning laravel and want to make some useful things then this laravel project can help you. This project will enhance your laravel coding knowledge. The following features are available in this project. I have also added the screenshots of the project.
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-   Admin Dashboard     -   Total Departments     -   Total Employee     -   Total Paid Amount Till Now -   Create/Update/Delete Department -   Create/Update/Delete Employee -   Mark Employee Attendance -   Make Payment to Employee -   View Attendance Report     -   According to month     -   According to year -   View Payment Report     -   According to employee     -   According to month     -   According to year -   DataTable implemented for better sorting and searching

Job Portal Project in Django

This is a job portal project built with Django 3 and bootstrap 4. This is a very good project for your Django practice. If you are learning Django then this project will increase your strength. The following features are available in this project.
##  Employee -   Register -   Login/Logout -   Manage Profile -   Apply job -   View applied jobs -   View recommended jobs -   View Company Profile
##  Employer -   Register -   Login/Logout -   Manage Profile -   Manage Notifications -   Post New Job -   View all posted jobs

Django Social Application Project

This is a social network website project built with Django 3 and bootstrap 4. In this application users can register, login, send a friend requests, accept the friend requests, share text or share text image, friend list, view notification for like the post, and much more. You can download this project for your Django practice or final year project submission.

FeaturesLoginRegisterProfile ManageChange Password

Image Sharing Project in Laravel

Hello World, Welcome to This is image sharing project built with laravel 7 and bootstrap 4.This is a small project for laravel practice. In this project, When the user will upload an image then image path link, anchor link, and bb code link will be generated. Users can view all images and delete the specific images.
How to install this projects 1.  Download and extract the zip folder on wamp or xamp server 2.  Import the .sql database (You will get this file in the extracted folder) 3.  Change .env file according to your requirement (for database connection) 4.  Run the project

Message Board Project in Django 3

This is a message board project built with Django 3 and bootstrap 4. This small project will help you to learn Django. In this project, you will learn about table relationships, Django templates, User Authentication, etc. The following are the features of this project. User registerUser login/logoutUser change passwordCreate thread (Only LoggedIn User)Add reply (only LoggedIn User)User can create a signature which will show on every replyView all threadsView all threads via tagView all threads via userView all repliesSearch thread (Via DataTable)

Online exam project with laravel 7

Hello World, This is an online exam project built with laravel 7 and bootstrap 4. This project has been divided into two parts; one is for the candidate, who wants to attempt the exam, and another is admin. Admin will add the data from his panel. The following are the workflow of this project. 1.  The user comes to this website and sees the job notifications. 2.  Apply and register himself for a suitable job before it expires. 3.  Login with assigned registration number and password. 4.  Now user can attempt the exam. 5.  The user can see the result and his detail in his profile section.

Online Tiffin Service Project

Hello World, This is an online tiffin service application built with laravel 6 and bootstrap 4. In this application, one or more vendors can register as a tiffin service providers. The vendor will have an account panel, where he can manage the tiffin menu with a price. The vendor can view all subscribers. Users can register, login, and subscribe to any of the tiffin services. User can also set the schedule for his/her tiffin. The admin of this application can view vendors, subscribers, and all subscriptions. Admin can set the commission percentage in setting section, So whenever the user subscribes to any vendor then the calculated commission will go to the admin wallet where admin can view his all transactions. In this application, I have added two main important features. One is the stripe payment method and another is mail functionality. Whenever the user will pay then an email will be sent to the connected vendor.